Member of the AN2V , CASD participated April 10 in a thematic meeting ” What strategy for increasing the effectiveness of CCTV operators ? ” On this occasion, Stephan Laurent , co- founder of CASD , decided to introduce 3 Visimax integrated into the software suite to help cities and operators dedicated to the operation of CCTV footage innovative features .

1 – Geographic Information Systems (GIS) :

They offer many features to facilitate the use of images in particular they allow the operator to perform a quick search of the street, buildings and points of interest. The operator can geotag a vehicle and warn the crew , geotag mobile cameras … It is possible to use the same plane as the support of the city ( land registry , for example).

2 – The handrail computerized

It automates various functions and helps the operator : log ( taken positions , for positions , identification of cameras used , correspondence with the CNIL … ) , output statistics ( pie charts, bar … ) . Very easy to use , it includes the possibility of seizure guided events, which prevents the operator to write : predefined lists , date, time, location by clicking on the map … The handrail computer can also handle instructions (regular or ad hoc procedures to be followed by the operator).

3 – The image search easier

Faced with countless available data, the image search tool is very useful for the operator. It is sufficient to determine the time ( filmed between 16 and 17h eg images. ) , And the software performs a successive binary search , very fast, in the defined sequence . The scan may also involve movements post on a portion of the image (still camera or dome ), which is not easy in open urban areas; the operator is free to perform other tasks during this time. We also offer advanced research in a variety of shapes and colors ( I want a green car or a person wearing a blue t -shirt … ) , without using the parameterization of manufacturers. This feature is particularly interesting for public parks which typically have heterogeneous cameras.