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The VisiMAX™ software suite is upgraded to version 9. This update is a major development which brings in the following new features: 1 – Support for third-party applications and solutions Support for services and applications operating as a web page within the supervision. It makes it possible to integrate third-party access control, intrusion and image […]

The  5.10.5 includes : LAPI Modification synchro horaire Ecran RTSP Désentrelacement uniquement en 4CIF Dôme Dahua : ajout du mode ONVIF + Dahua Copie des patrouilles Pelco HD Superviseur Graphique Gestion du SIG Gestion PTZ nominative sur matrice multicast Droit d’accès LAPI + Main courante (matrice) Modification sur le module recherche LAPI Modification sur le […]