CASD launches into VMS the latest VisiMAX ™: Version 8.8. Three major innovations complete a panel of already impressive features and closer to the expectations of users: the geolocation of field patrols in the GIS (in partnership with the company Sysoco), the support for hardware acceleration (GPU ) and the visualization of the camera park via the GIS in the web portal, available on any smartphone or tablet.

1 – Geolocation of radiocommunication signals
VisiMAX ™ now offers a new geolocation module, compatible with the Sysoco radiocommunication solution. This module allows you to retrieve the position of the radio signals on a GIS map, in order to reinforce the safety of the field teams.

2 – Support for hardware acceleration (GPU):
VisiMAX ™ incorporates hardware-based from hardware acceleration into its new version, which reduces CPU usage and displays more streams, especially for high-quality workflows. This feature is compatible with NVIDIA GPUs from the Pascal / Turing series.

3 – Visualization of cameras via GIS in the Web Portal:
With the new version of VisiMAX ™, find your entire camera park wherever you are. Functional with the Web Portal, you are now able to recover the position of your cameras on your GIS map and display the flow from any smartphone or tablet.