VisiMAX ™ is one of the most open video protection solutions on the market with three major innovation segments in its latest version 8.7.

Codec integration H265: the very high definition in all lightness
The software is now compatible with all very high definition cameras available on the market thanks to the integration of the new H265 compression format. VisiMAX ™ is able to process these streams without overloading the network or disk capacity of the installation.

Cartography: a la carte solutions
The graphic supervisor of VisiMAX ™ will surprise you in its great flexibility of use with two novelties. Beyond the management of cards in several common formats (BMP, vector and GIS), it is now possible to import maps in PDF format. Finally, VisiMAX ™ has a new geolocation tool, linked to the use of GIS plans. This new system makes it possible to trace in real time the position of static or moving objects on the map, thus making it possible to locate the monitored elements quickly and easily.

Android application VisiMAX ™: ship a CSU in your pocket !
VisiMAX ™ is now an application on the Android platform! To meet the growing demand for mobility of VisiMAX ™ users, the software, which is compatible with NVR-integrated push servers as well as 3G matrix software, allows users to deport their supervision with this application in order to have access to their images anywhere and at any time.

Download the release notes:

Release notes 8.7