CASD implements digital video software protection open and scalable Visimax (trademark CA Synergy).
– Solution of recording and display multicode (MPEG4, H264), multi-formats (4CIF and Mega), and multi-management (50 brands of IP cameras and encoders)
– Platform based on high-performance server and high availability (RAID5, redundant electrical power), storage virtualization and SAN array possible.
– Significant partnerships with major manufacturers: storage servers, cameras, active networks (Hertzian), frontal remote monitoring
– Supervision graphic now includes the ability to manage plans dwg vector format.
– Integration of virtual dome functions in live and playback.
– Export video sequences grouped schedulable.

Our solutions:

– CASD designs solutions open digital recording (DVR, NVR and hybrid) that allow video transmission via IP network.
– Supervision multiwindow graphical user with management plans.
– Advanced digital replay (replay multiple synchronized zoom, editing brightness and contrast).
– Thin Client web.
– Matrix management for IP video wall (display monitors with automatic switching between 6 display modes 1, 4, 8, 9, 13, or 16 images).
– Managing mosaic display up to 36 images on a screen.
– Touch screen controllable.
– Matrix 3G.
– Monitoring SNMP to continuously monitor the status of various elements (recording time, camera status, technical alarms, etc.)..
– Management of server spare dynamics that can automatically switch to a recorder failed.
– Communication with many monitoring solutions via SDK (hypervision, intrusion, access control, BMS and BMS, remote monitoring, HMI transport).
– Interfacing with key solutions intelligent video surveillance (IVS).
– Control hardware encoders and decoders
– Record audio multi-format (G.711)
– Certification Enables Immervision (supported cameras panomorph Immervision)
– Viewing video streams on iPad and Smartphone
– Development of a matrix IP multicast manager 4000 cameras for 1000 displays.
– Notify police of a complaint,
– Digital Backup Folder,
– Video verbalization,
– VPI and/or LAPI,
– Advanced search via Image Mosaic / Image activity search,
– Alarm manager (Sorhea, Connected objects…).