Supervision Solutions

Graphic Supervision Solution VM-SG

• Supervision of 512 video inputs
• Multi-window (Quad display)
• Control video walls and mosaics through a drag paste
• Round and scenes confi gurables
• Control of domes (patrols, prepositions) via clicking on plans
• Graphical visualization of alarms
• Control of actuators on plans
• Synchronized Playback up to 10 flux
• Backspace parameterized proofreading
• Imaging a posteriori: brightness, contrast, zoom
• Proofreading dynamic plan
• Search of a sequence schedule, setting up markers for immediate video access
• Tools for finding a sequence of changing the image
• Extraction of images and sequences (proprietary format or AVITM)

With IP Matrix

• Mosaic 1-16 pictures
• 6 display modes chage
• Switching dynamically according to the number of images to display
• Manage up to 250 screens
• Possible management by touch screen
The viewer VM-V

• Viewing and playback each camera
• IP Intercom

Web Client

• Viewing and editing video streams
• Control of domes and outputs
• Export video

Matrix 3G

• Visualization flow 3G video phone and Ipad
• Up to 16 phones simultaneously

SNMP Manager

• Monitoring software and hardware recorders

Spare dynamic

• Redundancy automatic recorder failed via SNMP Manager