The VisiMAX™ software suite is upgraded to version 9. This update is a major development which brings in the following new features:

1 – Support for third-party applications and solutions Support for services and applications operating as a web page within the supervision.

It makes it possible to integrate third-party access control, intrusion and image analysis solutions directly into the VisiMAX ™ supervision interface for better convergence of security tools.

2 – Switching to service mode
This new version also features numerous performance optimizations that allow recording of a higher number of very high definition cameras.

3 – New configurator
The new configurator makes it possible to group together in a single tool the configuration of the entire VisiMAX ™ suite (recorder, plate reading, supervision, video wall, etc.) on one or more sites.

4 – Analytical research VisiMAX™
Can now be used to search by speed, color, type and class of vehicle, face or person detection on compatible cameras.