CASD joined the Safe Cluster at the end of 2018. A turning point for the company, which now joins the French competitiveness cluster of security and aerospace players.

Health, industry, environment, agribusiness, etc., the issues of safety and security today concern all economic sectors and involve both the citizen and the state. The core business of SAFE Cluster is to imagine and collectively build innovative solutions for the safety of people and the environment. The ambition is to eventually become the European network of security solutions.

The Safe Cluster is the only French competitiveness cluster dedicated to the security and defense markets. In 2020, it aims to become the European leader in security and risk management solutions, and new uses for aerospace and defense technologies. The Cluster is a real network with more than 450 French and European actors with VSEs / SMEs, academics, PPE, large groups, etc.

By joining the SAFE Cluster, CASD intends to contribute to the development of new defense and security technologies of the future by bringing its vision, expertise and technology in the field of graphic supervision, analysis, backup and storage. digital video streams.