Friday, November 9, The City of Lyon organizes, with the University Jean Moulin Lyon 3 and the magazine Préventique, the first meetings of Lyon videoprotection, to promote the exchange of expertise and experience, and to cross the eyes and disciplinary approaches (legal, technological, operational, academic, etc.).
These meetings will take place in the lounges of the Lyon City Hall, for one day, and will be organized around three round tables. In addition to the speakers, they will bring together elected representatives, lawyers, representatives of the videoprotection services of local authorities, representatives of the police, researchers and various professionals in the sector.

CASD, through its co-manager, Stephan Laurent, participates in the 2nd round table:
“What tools for videoprotection? Deployments and technological advances »
While techniques and technologies are constantly evolving, videoprotection is no exception. It is in the United States that the first network of cameras of what was still called “CCTV” was set up at the scale of a city in 1968. In France, such projects were born in from the 1990s. It is obvious that the devices have become sophisticated over time, cameras gaining particular definition .. In thirty years, more and more efficient systems and less and less expensive have spanned on the market. New challenges today require an adaptation of videoprotection cameras, which tend more and more to be mobile, dynamic and intelligent. The deployment of ultra-fast broadband and 5G and the possibilities of biometric analysis of individuals being at hand, what could videoprotection look like in 10 years?

Silvain BIANCO, safety director of the Part-Dieu shopping center,
Thierry COURTOT, Technical Manager of Lyon Urban Supervision Center,
Alfred LENGLET, Divisional Commissioner, ENSP.